The ANEMOS Microwind Blade are designed and built in Italy according to the highest quality standards and in conformity with the ISO 9000:1 quality check.
Every Microwind Turbine is tested several time before entering the market using specific BENCH TEST tools. Such quality checks ensure the maximum quality and safety of the product. ANEMOS is suitable for installation on 220V – 380V AC 24-48V DC plants.


Hub Diameter: 200 cm
Length: 160 cm
Swept Area: 3 mq
Number of Blades: 5
Structure: AISI 300 series Stainless (Inox)
Steel Blades’ Material: Composite FE 1630PW
Total weight: 42 kg
Generator Type: PMG – Permanent Magnets
Carter: Die casting Aluminium
Bearings: NSK Made in Japan
Tower Diameter: 37mm
Bearings endurance: up to 60.000 hours
Cogging: Minimal (0,9 Nm)
Magnets Efficiency: 150°C
Protection: IP 65
Instability: 0-3000 Mt
Temperature Range: From -25°C to + 50°C

Start In: c/a 2 m/s
Cut In: 3 m/s
Brake-in: 14.5m/s
Cut Out: 19m/s
Cut Out power: 3160W
Power Factor: c/a 0,552
Range Voltage: From 0 to 500V (Three Phases)
Short-Circuit Braking: at 650rpm
Ampere: 6A
Ohms: 10
Max couple: 44 Nm
Cable section AC: 3x2,5 mmq
Cable length: 50 cm
Connectivity On Grid: 220V - 380V
Connectivity Off Grid: 24V - 48V
Braking Resistance *optional: one per phase (22 Ohm)
Emergency Braking: up to 720 rpm


Produced in Italy


ISO 9000:1


CE 2006/42


IEC 61400/2


EN 61400 Wind Class II
UNI EN 13849


3 years from manufacturing defect*
Corrosion 10 years*

ALL RISK Warranty included
Active from the installation for 3 years
Additional warrantees on top of regular legal warranties
** Subject to contract conditions and upon company and insurance firm approval

Università di Perugia

WeCo Hybrid Technology